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Is this possible - 2 level membership + affiliate program integration with varying product prices

Brand new to Webflow and not sure of its full capabilities.
I am aware it can integrate with various apps etc for memberships and so on but am not sure if the base system will allow for what I am trying to achieve.
I know I can run a tiered membership through an integration but I need to set different prices for ecommerce items depending on membership status.
Could someone advise if this is possible and maybe a hint at how to do it.
I also need to integrate an affiliate program into the site. Are there any recommended services that anyone has implemented successfully ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @EricD,

For memberships the best is Memberstack. This will allow you to signup/login users.

For affiliate with Memberstack the best tool is Rewardful.

For specific products, you will have several options. But two are:

  • Avoid the users to get into the pages you don’t want. You control what pages the user can see, so you may be able to create a roadmap where the users are limited.
  • Add a JS that will remove certain products if the user identified is X membership. This will require some coding, but is possible!

Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply Carlos.
I was hoping it was possible to adjust the price for the item automatically depending on membership level rather than having the same product listed under 3 different listings with different prices.
I will give it some thought