Product pricing tiers corresponding to membership tiers

Hi fellow webflowers,
I was trying to find (with no success) an option to add tiers of product prices that would be activated for specific membership groups on an ecommerce website.
So basically the situation I have is this:
I would have two membership groups on a website, one would be presented with a full price of products (various product - various prices) and would pay full price on checkout, and the other group that should be able to buy each product for a fixed fee and would be presented with only that fee upon checkout. I understand that I can hide individual elements for certain membership groups, and that I can create a variant for each individual product with a different price (which might be a bit time consuming, and a bit of a runaround solution) but I am wondering if there is a clean solution to deal with this.
Any suggestion would be most appreciated. I apologize if this option already exists and if I just wasn’t able to find it. If this were the case, can you please point me in a right direction?
Much obliged.