Is this a malicious code insertion? (companion-bubble.js)

I’m getting an error in my subdomain pages:
TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object

This is referenced in dev tools as a problem with companion-bubble.js

I don’t find this library in my sitewide header or footer code not in my page code. But the error is showing up on multiple pages.

Read only link:

My first guess would be that it’s a browser plug-in you’ve installed, possibly from Try accessing your site in a Chrome Incognito window and see if you still get the error.

Hi Mike
no error in a incognito window

offending code still active on my site and creating errors so JS code on my pages don’t run

Yep then sounds like you have a browser plug-in that’s causing the problem. Easiest to just turn them all off, and then turn on one at a time until your site breaks again- then you’ll know the culprit.

I’m not seeing those error here either, but this is a common problem when you begin modifying Chrome with plugins.


Just a heads up: It appears the loom (the screen recorder) is the service with this js library causing my problem, So my gratitude for your direction!!!


Ah good to know, glad you found the culprit. I use Loom constantly but I recently removed the Chrome extension version of it.

This error is because of Chrome’s plugins. See the checked answer in this link

Same thing for me; I disabled the Loom extension and the error no longer comes up.

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thanks you resolve my problem :smile:

thanks a lot buddy . It was really helpful

Ah, thank you so much, thats exactly what happened to me!

thanks a lot, same here