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Error with Calendly Embed

Hello everyone! Having some issues with a Calendly embed on a client site.

Page here: Schedule A Demo

There is currently a Hubspot embed that is working fine, but a Calendly embed just under it that is currently not working for some reason. (Trying to switch to Calendly)

Tried a few different versions of the embed as well, but I think there is something conflicting with Calendly specifically.

I’m pretty lost on this one, normally have zero issues with something like this but this one is definitely stumping me. Any thoughts are appreciated!

I’m noticing an error on the console regarding an invalid or unexpected token, but I can’t really say what that means exactly. For reference, here’s the line it highlights in DevTools:

Does the issue happen when you only use the Calendly embed option? I wonder if the conflict is happening between Calendly and Hubspot?

Yea, happens without the hubspot embed on the page as well. I just have it there as a placeholder until i figure this out.

That fastbase code is some code for their analytics, which doesn’t seem to be working as well. But i’ve removed that bit of code on the project and tested the calendly thing as well and that didn’t fix it.

Still no luck. Extremely weird.

It should work fine. Does for me.

Edit: I copied your entire page, hosted it locally to test, changed your endpoint with mine, and worked with no issue. Do you have a paid account?

You can always isolate issues by using a page with no other scripts running and then test your embed there.

Would having a Starter plan effect this? There is only one project on the account currently.

Still having some issues though, tested it on Chrome and Safari. Also in incognito. ( See attached )

Went through every page and removed every bit of code on the site beforehand as well, client is also not seeing it on live page.

page with the single calendly embed only can be found here: Schedule A Demo

Any ideas here are appreciated!

If you use the correct code it works. Your code has double quotes.

Use this →

<div class="calendly-inline-widget" data-url="" style="min-width:320px;height:630px;"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>

Well shit, that did it!

Thank you so much @webdev ! :muscle:

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