Is this a Bug! don't know why this is happening on mobile

Hey all,

So, I’m at a loss with this… What is happening is really strange. My website works well on desktop and mobile.


If you go to Digital Art nav at the top and then click on any card to view the artwork on mobile it says

“A problem occurred on

Tested on iOS Mobile and Chrome and does not work. Is it the slug do you think. I check them all manually on the desktop and they seem to be working fine.

Pasted the same link in chrome and iOS mobile and you either ger the above error or on Chrome you get “Offline”

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
([how to access public share link][2])

I looked into this further and some of the CMS Digital Art pages work but some dont. Am I missing something or have I got something that’s not supposed to be there or broke.

Your link seems to have a mistake. There is an S missing. It reads designer mark instead of designers mark. Semi irrelevant but I had to point it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you manage to fix it?
All the links seem to work for me.
Both desktop (chrome & safari) and mobile(android).

Hey @Alkoreiel thanks for spotting that out. No Still broken.

This is what I’m getting from the CMS Collection safari and chrome on iPhone. But…some pages are ok

I found out what the issue is or bug. In a CMS collection “Digital Art” in this case. If you remove them all, and publish there is no error on mobile but if you keep one this is also fine. Random.

I fixed it. basically what i was doing in the CMS was having using multi-images then on the template just using image and not lightbox and all works. :grin: