Mobile Links Not working

Hello Webflow Community.

Having a issue that I can’t solve and I know it’s something dumb and easy yet here I am.

Basically mobile is not allowing me to click on any active link. works find on desktop.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello @carlos_nunez !
Did you solve your problem ? Links in mobile seem to work fine in my end

@jptrinh No they work on my iphone if I press down for a while but not if I just tap it. Even if I double tap it wont work only if I hold forcing it to open in a new tab.


That’s weird, do you have the link to the published version ?
In the Designer everything is fine

@jptrinh yea here it is.

Thank you for trying to figure this out with me.:pray:

anyone else have this problem ?

Thanks for the link
My guess would be on the custom code since the problem only occurs when it is live…
I’ve never used matter.js but the console does catch all of the taps on mobile (and not the clicks on desktop…) maybe it is that ?
Have you tried removing the embed code at the end of your site to see if it solve anything ?

hi @carlos_nunez I was checking your site on iPhone 2 days ago and there is IMO problem with your welcome screen on page load.

First time load was fine but have same issue on buttons but when I have reload website “on load page” animation didn’t show at all and header was gone (only empty space). Then I have tap on screen and it select word baby (first word in welcome sentence). This mean that overlay screen is still there but not visible. One note described issue is only in Safari and Firefox (need to be revisited), in Chrome and Brave browsers page loaded fine

I will start troubleshooting with this element and I will recommend also switch off your fancy pointer just to be sure that it doesn’t cause problems in mobile browsers.

EDIT: check this article