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Is there anyway to hand code a class in webflow?

My developer is asking for a class that has this

Can you also add `margin: 10px auto !important;

I’m not to sure how were I can find this, is there anyway I can go into the class code and tweak this?

If not, how could I get this auto !important; in the css?


as far as I know you can’t do that directly in the designer, you could find a work around for the !important using another class I think but it’s not ideal… otherwise if you give the div a specific class, then go into the site settings, click “custom code”:

and paste the following code in replacing “#class-of-div” with whatever you have classed your div it should work:

< style > #class-of-div {
margin: 10px auto !important
} </ style >

(you have to remove the spaces between the “<”,">" and the “style” (inability to use forum))

Let me know if that works,


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