Is there any way to link two separate forms?

Currently I have 2 steps application flow on my website. First flow is a calculator/selector using a select element and custom code. The 2nd is a simple contact form. The thing is, that since it is separate form I receive two separate e-mails.

Is there any way to create it in a way, that I would receive one e-mail, where the 2nd form would feed data from the 1st form? Or is there any other way to link them at all?

Here is how it looks like now.


Hi @Selmira

I think the best way to approach this would be to use a slider component instead of the /choose-a-plan > /contact-form structure that you currently have. It might be best to have something like a /sign-up form page and then nest a slider within the form component.

In that screenshot, taken from this cloneable, you can see that inside the Form (and Form Wrapper) components these is a 5 step slider each containing different aspects of the signup. From there, it should be fairly straightforward to have one single submission button that can collect the pricing and contact information.

I guess the only caveat would be if the information on the first form impacts the information on the second. If that is the case (which it does not appear to be) then you might be better off embedding a Typeform or something like that.

Hey Robert! Thanks for the your tip, but not sure if the slider would work with in this case, as there are 6 separate “products” / selections. That would mean I would need to have 6 sliders also calculator for total and I actually need the information about their selection (not just info about the total price).

Now I receive e-mail where it writes total price and number of licenses per selection. But there is no way for me to link the step 1 to the step 2 except the timestamp. And I understand this is going to be an edge use case, but since it is a two step and users might not necessarily finish it at one take, it can happen we wold have mix ups. Soo looking for a way to link it.

The easiest solution would actually be to have it as one step action so choose a plan and contact form in one form, but the client is adamant on 2 steps application process.