Is it possible to do two stage form submission?

My client wants to have a an email capture and then a survey after it.

I need the submit button to post the first stage of the form to webflow as usual

Then I need it to redirect to another webflow page to ask more questions.

I’m guessing it will be custom JS?

1 Like might be a great solution for you, or you can build a multi-step form!
Flux Academy has a tutorial here on YouTube:

Hi Kane, yes that’s possible, and note that most “multi-step” form approaches only submit the final result. You’d lose your data if the user didn’t see it through to the end.

The easiest way to do this is Webflow is to make two separate forms, e.g.;

/form1 Contains your step 1 form, collects the data, and then redirects the user /form2. Webflow will only do the redirect if step 1 submitted successfully.

/form2 Contains your step 2 form.

If you need the form 2 capture to “connect to” the form 1 capture in your back-end data, you could use some JS with sessionStorage to store an identifying key, and pass it with your form data as a hidden field. A UUID generator, the email entered in form 1, etc. Different options depending on your goals.

It’s also possible to do this in a much more complex UX where you have e.g. form 1 showing, and then on success the submission is completed ( by JS, directly ), and then form 1 disappears and form 2 is shown in the same place. This requires more work.

For these types of builds I’d recommend using Make as the automation platform, along with its webhooks ( both request and response ) so that step 1 can return a token like a DB ID, that step 2 can also send. This removes any ambiguity on your data since each submission is directly paired.

If you’re in need of a dev to build that out, click my name to drop me a message and I’ll send you my rates.