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Is there any way to disable all styling on mobile?

Hi, I want my website to display on tablet and phone the way it displays on a desktop, where you have to zoom in and move the page around. I don’t want my site to be responsive, as it doesn’t have much purpose as a mobile site. If I understand correctly, the way to do this is to simply not add any @media rules in the CSS, but it seems Webflow automatically adds these rules. I could manually edit the CSS, but I can’t self host as my site relies heavily on collections. Any way to disable it? If not, please bring this feature!

Ps, I know it seems odd that I wouldn’t want my site to be responsive, I personally LOVE designing responsive sites, but it is a unique site that really makes no sense to have a mobile/tablet version.

Hi @MichaelMannucci,

I would try to set measurements of elements in pixels in the tablet view. Give them sizes as they have in the desktop view and it will stay the same with all other gadgets.


That does not work. I’m hoping there is a solution for this! @cyberdave Any ideas?

Try maybe setting a fixed px value to the container. Therefore it acts as a section with a particular width and you will be able to put other contents inside of it while it still stays fixed. Hope this makes sense. :wink::grinning::blush:

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