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Is there a way to bypass automatically created breakpoints entirely and/or to have a fixed width site?

I’m switching from Muse to Webflow and trying save myself all of the extra work of resizing all of unique elements on every page for different sized screens.

In Muse, I just used a fixed-width page and it would look exactly the same on every device because it would automatically fit the fixed width page to the width of the screen. I designed it so text was big enough to be readable on all screens).

Is this possible? If not, is there any way to avoid having to resize all of my elements for them to fit on mobile browsers?

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Hey @pturbiville

Why you want to do this?

I know you want to save some extra work, but this is not the best way to go. I will suggest working on the responsiveness and making the site change based on the screen.

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You should also consider the impact of not being Mobile Friendly with Google, since they are indexing as mobile and sites that don’t address the needs of mobile users will not rank well in the SERPS. That right there is a reason to put in the effort.

The fixed width site I made in Muse had a positive rating from google. They have a page where you can enter your domain and get feedback about whether it will be affected negatively by being unfriendly to mobile devices.