Is there a way to update class names and Symbols across multiple sites?

Hello everyone.

I had a question about using class names and Symbols from a “base UI template” and using them across multiple Webfow sites with live updates.

I know that currently we can create an unpublished “style kit” page, add all our global CSS class names and Symbols, and then duplicate that page into a new project to use those global CSS class names and Symbols.

My question is, is there a way to change a class name or Symbol from the “base UI template” site that would then reflect those changes across all Webflow sites that duplicated that “base UI template”

So something like:

  1. Create a base template site with a “style kit” page
  2. Add global CSS class names and Symbols that would serve as reusable UI templates and components
  3. When we want to use this UI style kit, duplicate the site onto a new project to add all class names and Symbols
  4. Making changes to the base template site would ALSO update all other Webflow sites that duplicated that UI style kit

An example would be multiple websites using an external CSS CDN. Making changes to the single CSS file would then make changes on any website using that CDN. So instead of having to update the stylings from multiple websites, we only need to change one CSS file.

I tried this approach at first to handle sharing CSS class names by using a CDN, but unfortunately, Webflow sites only show these changes after a page has been published, so this is not a viable solution for us.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I have been trying this by embeding css link to each page to preview, but still there are many downsides. Some local styles are then overwritten with webflow predefined styles and you can’t do anything with it. Also Grids doesn’t apply.
Here you can vote for the feature.