Is there a way to speed up load times when trying to load many CMS items?

hey all,

Ive put together a webflow website with property listings. We have about 2500 listings. Now for this specific page, all CMS items need to load so the filtering will work correctly.

Im using Attributes CMS Load and CMS Filters.

Once the 2500 items are loaded, filtering is a breeze and super quick. HOwever, the end user has to download 20MB worth of data before they can start finding a property listing via the filters.

If I dont load all items, the filters wont work correctly as only the first 100 items would be filtered.

Is there any way to lazy load images or load some of the content first so the user can start interacting with the website and then load the rest?

I seems the webflow way of generating static websites just doesn’t seem to fit in well with a Real estate website functionality.

Heres the specific page on the website:

Read only link: Webflow - 66 PROPERTY

Hey Alex that’s correct.
Using the CMS directly, you have no real options here except downloading all of the content so that it can be filtered.

A more efficient approach requires a server-side capability and Webflow cannot help you there. You might look at Wized + Xano for this, since you can mirror your property db ( or move it outright ) and then query to return just the data you want.

Yes thats what im starting to realize. I will try and have a look at Wized + Xano.