Is there a way to reference a reference field in a collection

So I have three collections. Let’s say they are called coll1, coll2 and coll3.
And coll1 has a reference field of coll2, and coll2 has a reference field of coll3

So if I am using the coll1 I want to be able to reference coll3 through thecoll2 reference field without having to create a coll3 reference field, since coll2 already has a reference to coll3

Is there a way to do this? I know it is possible in relational databases, but I dont know if is possible to do with the webflow CMS.

Webflow’s CMS is not a relational database. I believe Ii’s based on MongoDB, at least in terms of its central architecture. Document db’s work differently and there are some serious limitations when you try to think of the CMS as a relational db ( because ref fields, right? ).

On top of that, the designer UI imposes its own worldview on how you can traverse connected data, so my best advice is, prototype your idea. and then decide how to achieve what you need - or how to best adapt your requirements to the platform.

Off the top of my head, without mocking it up…

I think that you could change it so that coll2 refs coll1, and refs coll3.

Then you can probably go to coll1’s Collection Page, and drop a Collection List that contains all coll2’s with a ref to coll1, and in that list, you can bind elements to properties of coll2’s ref to coll3.

Again, try it. Play with different options. Consider where you need to show this data- Collection Pages and regular pages will have differences due to the context.

I tried to do this and couldn’t, which is why I asked the question.

Share your project readonly link if you like, and exactly what you’re trying to display on your page. I can take a look this week.

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Excellent! Thank you! I can’t give you the actual project, but I recreated the environment here:

I want to know if there is a way to access the sponsor image from the Blogs collection without having to explicitly create a sponsor reference field in the blogs collection, since the shows collection already has that reference.

Thank you very much for your help <3

No, the only way to build that on the homepage is to pull all of the data using script and then reassemble it using script. It’s a fair bit a data processing.

The homepage has no item context, so there’s nothing to leverage to traverse the CMS ref map.

ok, thank you! I was trying to do this but then I saw that the rate limit of the CMS API is 60 request per minute, so it wouldn’t be a good idea for availability.

Can I ask you just one more question? just for curiosity.

Is there a way to increase the rate limit of the api?

You’d need to ask Webflow support that.

It sounds like you’re really wanting db capability, but through the CMS; in theory, there’s a way to do that by using tools like WhaleSync to an external DB.

You’d use JSON & scripts to create the views you want in your pages, and you can do db manipulations [theoretically] that can be pushed back into the Webflow CMS as well.

Then, the rate limits may still be a bottleneck, but they won’t be as relevant since it’s manage server-to-server traffic rather than adhoc per-user-request.

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Thank you<3 I’ll dig into that.