Can't set dynamic text from single reference inside single reference

I have a collection setup called “projects”. Within that project collection I have setup a single reference to another collection to make data directly available in collection template in the editor. This works fine.

But then I added a single reference field to the other single reference making it one level deeper. These references are not showing up in the editor as options at all. I have verified that everything is linked correctly so this might be an edge support case.

Just to illustrate:
– Project
––– some data
––– some data
––– single reference
––––– some data
––––– some data
––––– single reference (not showing)
––––––– some data (not showing)

Webflow’s CMS doesn’t give you the capabilities of a full-fledged database. A lot of people mistake it for an RDBMS because it shares certain structural similarities, but it’s quite strict in how you structure relationships and access data through them.

Depending on the exact details of what you’re trying to do, you may be able to overcome some of those limitations using hidden collection lists and javascript to assemble your views in different ways.

I can certainly think of a few ways to work around it, but it would be nice with a definitive answer regarding the limitations of my exact senario. It seem like one level of references work, but two levels are not acessable in the editor.