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Is there a way to get rid of responsive properties for a given element?

Let’s say I have a banner and I’ve set parameters for all or some of the three lower breakpoints. Now I want to get rid of these specificities and go back to the ones set for the main layout.

Is there a way?

If you have a header with settings in Default view and you want to remove the settings which you changed for Tablet view, just select that element (header) and click on the Blue settings > Then click on Remove this style. See:

Settings changed in different breakpoint is always shown with a BLUE highlight. Click on it to remove the style for that breakpoint.

Here the font settings are changed for a specific breakpoint.

Thanks. Ok, so I do have to visit the three breakpoints to “Remove this style”.

If you only made a change to Tablet view, and remove that style, than that setting is also removed from below breakpoints.

Thanks for the precision. I realise now that when I start tuning an element property for a breakpoint, I have to fine tune it on all breakpoints. In other words it rarely goes OK with the lower two when I adjust for the Tablet breakpoint.