I know properties of elements trickle down to break points; is there any way to reset the properties back to the parent properties?

pretty much what the topic says.

I broke a component at one of the middle break points (tablet), but it works fine in the break point higher and lower… is there any sort of reset button or configuration so all the properties can reset to what it originally was?

i’m dieing trying to figure out what is different in this specific breakpoint

Individually you can reset breakpoint-level properties by clicking the blue style property, and then the undo/reset button that appears.

I haven’t seen a way to reset ALL style properties at a breakpoint, but I’d check Finsweet candies, they have some cool Designer tools integrated through their chrome extension, and you might get lucky on that.

thanks for the input. i figured it out but next time i run into this issue at least i have something to go by now (the blue style property). thanks for that heads up