Is there a way to delay auto play of a slider?

Just curious - is there a way to delay a slider’s auto-play? What I’m hoping to do is have an animation/interaction effect on a non-slider element, and then once that separate element is done doing its animation thing, it’ll fade out and the slider will begin to auto-play its slides. But that delay/pause of the slider would be key so it doesn’t pass the “starting” slide before the animation on the other element has been completed.

Before I end up going down a design rabbit hole that potentially doesn’t get me the results I’m aiming for, here’s what I’m currently thinking of doing - and if this doesn’t sound like it’ll accomplish what I’m hoping to do, I’d love if someone could let me know or point me in a better direction. :slight_smile:

Could my goal be accomplished by setting an interaction on the slider to have the slider animate in after the other element has faded out? If I do that, will the slider only start playing at the point it animates in?

Thanks in advance - hope this made some semblance of sense!

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I’m having the same problem.

I’ve added a preloader as an intro with the intention of having the slideshow begin once the preloader has completed its course.

I’ve been at it for an hour now, trying as many tricks as I can think of. I am a novice to WebFlow so my bag of tricks are limited. However, I haven’t tried adding the preloader as a page trigger “before” page load. That may or may not work. I will follow up with my findings.

In the meantime, I’m surprised no one from WebFlow has responded to your initial inquiry from several months ago!

No … the page load trigger “When Page Starts Loading” trick did not work.

Can anyone from webflow assist with this inquire?!

Thanks so much!

I saw this code earlier on today but I can’t remember where. You need to find a start on viewport and it will play when the slider is in view. For example if the pre loader is 100vh at the end of the loader have it move up 100vh, moving the slider into view.

Thanks for the tips, Dids. Much appreciated.

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