First slide in slider auto-play delay


I’ve made a number of sliders that are positioned in a row next to each other. They all have the same timer delay. So right now, they all change slides at the same time.

What I want to achieve is for each slider to have a different start time. I basically want to delay the start of each slider’s auto-play, whilst keeping the same timer delay. The designer doesn’t have this feature (as far as I’m aware) and I haven’t found any solutions on the forums yet, so I’m a bit lost.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

Hi, did you get a solution to this as I’m looking for a similar answer

Nope, sorry. Never figured that part out. Think we went with a workaround using some custom code, but that’s beyond me. Hope you manage to figure it out though.

Did you find any solution for this problem?

Unfortunately, no. We ended up omitting this element and going for a different design and it doesn’t appear that webflow includes this functionality, beyond custom code.

I tried to duplicate the slide which i want to be longer then others but i can’t prevent the background fading when the slide is changed. I am sure that there is some custom code for this problem but i did not find solution yet.
Thank you for your reply.

hi everyone I have looked on this issue over the weekend and it true that it is not possible to do anything with WF slider but … Here is example how to with JS library, it is not prefect as I have focused only to make it done but it is at least a starting point for those who would like to investigate this approach in detail.