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Is there a way to customise CMS pages


I built a CMS page for the team section on my website.

There is a button on that page that links to another page for individual accomplishments.

Unfortunately, not every team member needs this button.

To make a long story short: Is there a way to hide certain elements in some CMS pages while leaving them on others, even though they are in the same collection?

Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated!

Yes of course it’s one of the most important features when you design for CMS data: Conditional Visibility.

Select your link element and go to the Settings tab. Under Conditional visibility, click + then select your field in the first dropdown, then “Is Set” in the second one. It means “Show this element when there’s data in that field”.

You can also control visibility using a Switch field. For example, you could have a totally different header for your team members when they are in the head team, for example. You’d create a “Head team” switch that you’d turn on when you add a head position person. Then you’d design a totally different header and condition its visibility to the field switch when it’s “On”. And you’d do the opposite for the classic header, showing it only when the switch is “Off”.

You can achieve different-looking CMS pages depending on any field, switchs, options (show if option value is…)

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Perfect. Thank you for taking the time to answer!

Thanks for information i wanted to add some pages thanks a lot.