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Different page layouts with CMS Collection Pages

I had figured this out, not so much of a novice now and my site is coming along nicely.

I just had one question about Project Pages. Is it possible to have different page layouts from one project to another, using CMS Collection Pages? The header and footer would obviously stay the same but images, Image size orientation, video content and sliders may be used on one project page but not needed for another.

Examples of what I am referencing are below:

1 project page :

2 project page :

Thank you!

Hi @Alex3,

I think this problem can be solved by using the conditional visibility tool. Here’s a basic use case:

You have an image on your collection page, but only want it to be visible for “Project 1”.

  • Go to the settings tab with the image selected, and find the conditional visibility panel.

  • Choose "Element is visible when… Image 1is set"

Here’s an example from one of my projects.

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 9.10.07 AM

This means that if you don’t have that image set for a particular project, it won’t display at all, but it will still display for the projects that do have the image set.

You can play around with this some more and tweak your collection to fit your needs. Hope this helps!