Is there a template page for an entire collection?

Hello, I’m a web developer who is new to Webflow and loving it so far! I’ve been really impressed with how quickly I can prototype and publish designs with working models. There are trade-offs of course, but I haven’t run into many limitations yet where I would have expected to by now!

I am wondering, in general, if there is a template page for an entire collection.

To use an example/analogy, Collection Pages correspond to the REST endpoint GET /object/1 (id) or GET object/example-object (slug). I am wondering if there is a way to implement a template for GET /objects in this context.

What I’ve done on my own is created a static page that implements the Collection List, but since only 100 static pages are allowed and I could be working with many, many models, I was wondering if there is a better way.

@lyra - are you looking for something like this:


In this context, I am looking for a CMS Collection Page that represents the template for all Authors rather than the template/page displayed for each Author.

Are you looking to pull information from the entire collection via API or just display all of the information from a collection on a single page?

The latter. Just wondering if there are CMS templates that display/deal with all records within each collection/model or if I need to do a static page for it.

As far as I’m aware you build your own and just pull the items in to the page.

OK, thanks. Maybe Webflow thought it would be more useful to remain custom since each of those listing pages might involve multiple collections.

You can simply create a new page and place cms elements in there! You can combine any number of collections, or for that matter, just the authors and display them all.

The fact that you can create your own page to fit those needs, having another obligatory template page for each collection to display all items in that collection will annoy many users that don’t need it, since you can’t disable template pages. I guess it’s the best approach…