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Does content need to be in a container?


Does content need to be in a container? I ask because I find the width set for the container slightly restrictive and I’d like to be able to use more of the browser width, like this landing page does:

webmechanix landing page

If I don’t have to use a container, do I need to put it in a section or can I just use div’s set to 80 or 90% width etc?

Many thanks


Containers with their 940px width are a convenience, a standard for some, a good practice for others, kind of an ideal grid setting for me, for the time being. They’re all that but not an obligation. You’re free to design as you like and use divs as custom containers.

Wether or not you need to put sections to host your containers depends on your understanding of HTML5 tags and when they should be used. For example, about the section tag:

Doing more researches about HTML5 elements, you’ll find that interpretation and advices vary. Webflow made choices, pushing you to use containers into sections to produce, I guess, what they think is the best HTML5 compliant code.

But for your structure you can build everything with divs and set the tags appropriately in the settings panel in Webflow.

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Hi Vincent

Thanks very much for the explanation.

Can I get clarification on further thing. You say use divs. Why do I use divs rather than say Columns?

Thanks a lot


I say use whatever you like (-:

Anyway, only Rows and Columns does not exist in HTML. They are Webflow widgets and are “converted” into other elements in the code. They’re there to make your life easier.

What I say is use whatever you want to use. Now when you have a client that expressly requires valid code you have to pay more attention to what elements you’re using.

Ok, gotcha, thanks very much Vincent for all your help.