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Is there a Browser Compatibility chart?

Just wondering is there has been any discussion on what works and what doesn’t on all the browsers. I noticed I have a simple Hover Fade effect on my icon. It just fades from one icon to another when you hover over it. Well it works great on chrome but not the latest Firefox or Edge. It just does not fade but just instantly switch without the fade. Is this a known issue?

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Why don’t you give us a link and let us take a look for you?

here you go. Go to the landing page and hover on the circles to see the fade transition. AGain works great on Chrome but nothing else.

You should not use image or background image transitions

A possible workaround is have another div positioned over it, and fadein (opacity) when hover on (interaction).

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Oh ok. Thats good to know.

Samliew, have you had success doing what you said? im trying different combinations and no luck. Im trying to add a dic box over like like you said but I cand grasp the concept of setting it up.

@cgmindd I think this would be very easy to recreate, as an example all you have to do is have a div that has a background image and is at 75px by 75px. You then inside of the div put another div that also has a background image and measurement of 75px by 75px (if you are using an svg or png make sure to set up background color). Then simply when you hover over the div set up in interactions that the div inside of the first div fades with an effect. Thats all, hope this helps. :wink:

YES! Exactly what I just did and just tested it on the browsers and it worked! Samliew thanks for the guidance. Vlad thanks for the explaination in detail. Ill book mark this page to reread it when I forget the steps. Vlad! Since you are here… ill open the read only… check it out and tell me what ypu thing of the site… some pages lead to blanck pages so be warned. :slight_smile:

samliew… if your around… also see it, id like to get opinions.

I also noticed on these read only links, the hero videos dont play. I have a cloud loop video on the homepage but the read only just shows it static. Wait… i got it… it works if you clcik the eye symbol. hehehe… im still very new.

I’m currently not on my iMac but on my iPhone but I will be sure to check it out later. :grinning::wink:

No problem Vlad, ill leave it open for today. Im not sure how it will behave with i products. Im strictly PC. ALso… I havent really played fully with the tablet or mobile version so I would not be surprised if its all wacked. But for sure look at the desktop.

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One more question… how do you remove states? like the hover state that I had, what if I want to delete it only.

So I will strictly only say what I see as the negative in your site and what I didn’t like.

From the starting page my general impression was that it was an airline website (because of the plane and the image looked like it was some kind of radar).

After scrolled through a couple of pages though i got the idea that it was an architectural business. One confusing thing (or rather irritating) is that the main picture was showing but there were a lot of different pictures in the background of the sections. this made it look very heavy or busy even though the site was very clean and simple.

Remember, the style in 2016 is clean and simple. I would rather make the sections different shades of grey or different colors than images. Also remember that the more images added means the slower the site. Just some opinions.

Some positives was that I really liked the loading icon (very clean and modern). I also noticed that the same theme was present throughout the whole website. Although one thing about the theme is that I would stay away from all the pictures and gradients. Adding again to the argument that I would like to see this site more “flat” the style currently popular.

Those are my thoughts. Hope they helped. Just some questions, are you making this site for an architectural company? Also if okay would like to ask if you are an employee of the company or a designer hired by the company to make the site. (would just like to know so when I review the site in further detail would know what type of critique style to approach.

Overall good job! :yum:

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Awesome input Vlad, I understand the viewpoint! Very much appreciated! I feel you on the picture backgrounds, and had thoughts about it myself. Well Vlad, I do I.T work for a small company but my skills range further than I.T. So I am growing out of my position and will launch a ArchViz service for architects. But… being in contact with a few people who are currently in this field, I have been advice to have multiple services besides archviz. So I added "Product Concept Visuals, Photography, I.T, and small business media services like business card designs or logos. I am very proficient with 3dsmax,maya,vray,maxwell,keyshot,photoshop and illustrator. Only thing I need is a small render farm to do the renders at a very fast rate, but doing research, its a minimum of 15k for a small business type setup. Even at a 15k setup, I would only have about 128 cores. Not mind boggling but also not slow like your typical fast PC setup. Oh yeah… Its my personal site for the business.

I did get a laugh because it could pass off as a airline service. heheeh. I just wanted to give that feeling of a futuristic feel by adding the clouds video. The radar looking thing is actually the company logo I decided on. Simple clean and can be black and white easily.

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Ok, I just wanted to know because my dad is an architect and wanted to see if you were working for architects or was also an architect. :blush:

Ohhhh! Hehe… well that is the plan. Gather enough clients to go full time. And if webflow goes well, then building sites will be a full service. I must say webflow is nice, a bit confusing at first but I am beginning to grasp its UI. Do you build sites yourself? Also Vlad, any clue how to delete a STATE after its applied? Or do you have to just delete the whole class?

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Yeah, I do it instead of working at fast food places like all the other teenagers [I’m only 16 years old] I don’t like having to go work somewhere labor intensively. I also want to pursue a career in UI/UX so this helps me get the portfolio and the practice. :wink:

For example if I have a hover state I usually just put all the numbers back to how it is on regular mode or I guess you could just delete the whole class and make a new one. Sorry for the vague advice, I haven’t gotten rid of a state in a long time and already forgot how to do it. :grinning: