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Is there a Browser Compatibility chart?

Ahhh! Good for you Vlad! The good news is you are more proficient at this than I am. And yes, this can be a very rewarding career. I would suggest to dwell a little on the code but it looks like that will vanish soon, sevices like webflow are literally the future. A drag and drop service. Who knows where this will lead, there are other languages coming up in coding that might change the game. But the good news is, theres millions of older people who do want a site for their business and will pay for a nice professional one. My sisters work place just paid a company 6900$ for a website, and I swear some of the sites build here for fun are better.

Yeah, I looked up what services like Apple and Google want for UI/UX designers and they only would prefer you to know HTML and CSS. All this you get a hand of once you use Webflow more and more. So I’m pretty much already set. I also got a head start in UI/IX because my uncle is a UI/UX designer and he helps me and reviews my work and tells me what to improve on. Also the Forum helps me at becoming a better designer.

Yup, my church paid a developer $3000 for a site that has 5 boxes as its landing page and just a couple of links. Could have easily been developed in Webflow. To bad it wasn’t around yet when the site was built. Now we need to figure out a way to change the site without spending to much money.

Ahh… that makes sense. Lucky you! I am my families go to guy for tech stuff, i would love to have a personal mentor but thats not the case. The good thing about webflows forum is that its very active! You get a lot of help here. Unlike other services, this is actually worth the money put in.

yes! There is people out there willing to spend the money. You got to find them and sale the service. And some people just want a basic simple page. I was aware of the high price and could never justify the charge. But when people ask me for advice on why the app or computer dont work and all it takes is a simple solution, then I realize that some people just dont want to learn anything about tech and they just want it to work. SO they will pay for it.

Very true, and nicely said. :grinning:

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