Is it worth selling on Webflow templates? In numbers

I’ve been researching this market for many months but still don’t know the sales statistics. Webflow hides.

I’d like to hear in numbers from authors or even officially from Webflow staff:

  • How much the average template makes sales a month?
  • Stable sales go all year or only in the first month?

@Luifer have you emailed webflow about this? I don’t sell templates so I don’t know. I have heard there’s a pretty strict process for selling templates so that makes me assume it’s a decent seller.

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Not yet. I still hope that current author will share the information with us. If not - I’ll contact Webflow. Thank you, @sarahfrison

And then you’ll share with the community I suppose? I don’t really plan on doing that but it’s a subject I would like to hear about …

Sure. If Webflow will give any information, I will share with it in this topic.

But still, let’s not lose hope that we will get all the answers from a current author.

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