How much can I earn on Webflow templates?

How much do people earn on average who sell their templates in Webflow? How many templates from one person is sold? What are the best selling templates?

That´s something I asked myself, too. It would be very interesting, if someone who successuflly sells templates could tell some insides about it.

Hi @Barsik @Maurice

Did you tune in to @rowan livestream with Nelson yesterday? He gave some information on how it has worked out for him…

When will you post the video?

Nelson to the answer.

Hi @StuM,

unfortunately, I didn´t watched the live stream yesterday.

Hey boys @Maurice @Barsik

You can watch the stream on replay here

Someone asked the question during the stream, when you are connected to the stream, just click on the tab Q&A, and click on the “view answer” button of the question “How much can a template designer make on webflow”.

It ll jump auto on the video time when Rowan Hartsuiker answer.

Just for info in case you’ve missed it - the new livestream format is now alternating weeks - but there is always a Tuesday stream at 10am Pacific - apart from when @PixelGeek gets a holiday :sunglasses:


One week - Community Livestream (register for reminders via Crowdcast)
The next week - Youtube workshop
The week after - Community Livestream

and so on…

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Why stream? I just want to know the figures. How many people who have already created templates earn. Or is it secret information? Webflow Managers, write me figures.


It is private information for both Webflow and the Template Designers - however if you watch the stream and link - Rowan discusses some of his past earnings, and also his thinking when coming up with template designs. Nelson also talks about categories where there is a shortage of designs.

Some designers ‘might’ openly reply here, others may wish rightfully to keep that information private, some ‘might’ discuss with you via private/direct message.

For general eligibility info and percentages:

I did not hear about specific figures in the video

Click on ‘ask a question’ at the foot of the video…

Francisco asks this as the first question in the list…

Rowan answers between 30:52 and 33:00

$3,000 per month? I do not take English very well by hearing(

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He said that is what he made in the beginning because the template store was mostly empty.

He said that now you can probably expect to get 40-50 purchases of a good template. I’m not sure if he meant per month or total.

He said 20-30 if i have heard well.

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