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Does anyone here sell templates?

What is your average monthly income? Is selling templates profitable at all?

It can be profitable for sure! The trick is not to rely on any marketplace to get sales for you. Like anything else you have to market yourself and your brand. Figure out nice ways to promote your product and make it clear how your product will help people. You have to do this to be profitable.

I can tell you from experience that the harder you go with that the more money you will make (which is obvious and certainly true). You can also build sites for businesses and then try and pitch them to business as well. Pose it in a way that you took initiative to show them what their site could look like and why it will convert etc. And sell it to them.

There are a lot of ways you can use your own templates to your advantage. You just have to be smart about it! I will give you a ballpark number. I created my own business on Webflows platform and it does pretty damn well. Even on down months after I have promoted it heavy. From word of mouth. Because of how I connected with people I market to. Without doing any marketing you it can vary from $300-$1200 (more or less). Being active and heavy on marketing and design and putting product out it can go way up, ($2000 - $8000). Converting templates into custom orders etc.

I don’t even think there is an average really. Rather how active you are with your products and business simply reflects the amount of return.


Thanks for the information, it’s very useful.

Hi all - anyone here suggest a way to add a license key to web templates? thank you!