Is it really not possible to customize the email footer?

I need to customize the email footer to meet all the legal requirements in germany, and it seems like its not possible to add a link to data protection declaration or even add a company legal disclosure

Hey @hiddenbear welcome to the webflow community please share your read-only link so that we can take a look and help :peace_symbol:

sry id like to not do that (secrecy concerns) and i dont see the necessity either

When you say email footer, do you mean emails from Webflow ecommerce? If so you can update the field ‘Fine print’ to change the footer details.

Hey, thanks for the reply. Yes i mean ecommerce emails.

its possible to use fine print for legal information but its not possible to format it.
also the “store url” will still open up the email program and will NOT refer to the homepage. also id like to set a link to my agreement and not to the homepage.


Webflow does not support email formatting as HTML. So you live with text or you look to leverage a third party tool like Zapier to potentially handle the notificaitons by leveraging a web hook → email type workflow for example.