Is it possible to use Webflow for login page with password using API?

I’m new to Webflow and has a general understanding of it, so I’d like to ask first if this is possible.

I want to create a simple login page for Minecraft users using Webflow:

  • I use Minecraft’s existing authentication API:
  • I don’t need my users to register on our platform, they only need to login
  • In the form, there are 2 fields: Minecraft username (or existing email) & password
  • Upon clicking Login, the username and password will be posted to Minecraft authentication API
  • The information will also be ported to Firebase and Intercom to log the users.
  • After a successful login, users will be forwarded to a webflow page that shows their general information, dynamic data will be shown.

Is that possible?

(I’m not a coder, I just have a general understanding of how things work)

Seems possible, as they (Minecraft, Firebase, Intercom) all have public-facing APIs which can be accessed via JavaScript.


The other thing I was wondering about is: In the case that users logged in via email and password, would this type of login be able to get additional information from Minecraft login API (their username, and Minecraft UUID) without additional servers?

I’m not sure about that. Perhaps you need to ask a minecraft staff regarding this.