Login for members on website for client

Hi, I’m looking to design and host a website through webflow and my possible client wants their member to be able to access a page that’s only for members via a login like mail and password. I’m a bit new to this so I’m asking for help, is there anybody that knows if it’s possible and if so how.

thx beforehand

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If it’s only for an intranet for employees, the only native way to do it would be to create a specific url for each employee and then protect the page with password in the page settings. This is feasible for small structure.

For more advanced user control you want to look at memberstack.io or authflow.webflow.io.
If you’re nimble with javascript you may want to look at this guide https://www.flowbase.co/guides/webflow-accounts

At some point Webflow will add customer account functionality, that will be a dream come true.

Okey I’ll look in to it thank you for a fast answer