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Is it possible to use Stripe test mode?


So i’ve created a ecommerce site, bought a hosting package and successfully connected my Stripe account.
Before launching it live, I would like to try the whole process from adding a product to the cart till getting a conformation email.
I saw Stripe has a test mode where they gave me a few dummy CC details to play with.

Can anyone help me how to actually implement it to my project?

This is the site I am building

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Hi @Eli11,

I’m in the same situation, where you able to test and setup everything?

Not really.
No idea how I can test it :expressionless:

Bump … is there a way to test stripe. Webflow automatically connects to the live credentials so I assume not.

@Webflow staff. This really makes it hard to set up Stripe. I need to verify that it’ll work before I put real payment info in

@webflow big up for this


At this time, setting up a testing environment with Stripe is not as easy as it sounds. A lot goes into configuring the testing environment with a full site. What I would recommend doing is creating a single item product with no shipping and set the value at $1 (which is the min) and use that like your product for testing.

Lastly, Stripe provides dummy CCs that can be used that won’t actually charge to anyone and you can use this to test how the checkout process is.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Hi Brandon,

Do you mean using these test cards on our live webflow ecommerce site?

I’m trying to use them but it’s failing out.

EDIT - I just created a $0 product that skips the payment processor side of things so that’ll do for now (as I’m actually testing for the order confirmation URL schema). :+1:


Just looking to bump this post as that feature is key when testing more complex integrations, such as zapier connections and webhooks, etc. Any kind of update on why using the testing CC’s fail would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: Only just realized this is from 2018 so my sincere apologies for bringing it back up, however the issue still exists