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Is it possible to turn a collection list item which contains a nested collection list into a link block?

Quite self explanatory I hope! The reason why I can’t just use a link block div is that inside my collection item there is another collection list (multi reference) that cannot be embeded inside a div. I would like my whole collection item to be clickable…hence my problem.

Any help would be really appreciated!


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@fjdistriktdub can you share read only link

hey man

I cant sorry - its a client project and cant share their stuff until its finished.

I can defo answer any more questions if you want to know more!

appreciate the help


Inside your collection item make your very first element a link block, then drag all other elements inside that.

Unfortunately that won’t work! My CMS items contain another collection list (a multi reference field) and this cannot be embedded inside a link block.

Thanks though bro. Any more ideas?

Ohhhh I see what you mean. I’m sure there is a way but without a read-only link its hard to make suggestions unfortunately.

Hey boss

I’ve thrown together another example and highlighted the problem here.

Hope this helps you’re understanding!

Appreciate the support.


You’ll see that the images are from a nested collection list, which can’t be put inside a link block

Hey Frankie,

I see what you mean. What I personally would recommend is having a a distinctive call-to-action button to direct your user but I understand that might not be suitable to your situation. So here is something you can do:
-Drop a Link Block into your collection item, change the position of your collection item to relative.
-Change the position of your Link Block to absolute and click the preset on the far right called Full.

The link block will always grow and shrink to the size of the collection item now. Hopefully this does the trick.

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Brilliant idea! You’re the man Andrew

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