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HTML Embed inside link block, yet again, but now in the collection list!

Ok, so I have a collection list that displays real estate listings. Some listings don’t have photos so I use Mapbox to display a custom map for that listing, it is done through HTML Embed (it makes an image of the map).

I want the whole listing preview to link to it’s page, but right now when I’m trying to wrap the whole thing in the Link block it gives me a middle finger. I want the whole area of the item to link, not just text or an image, the whole wrapper. (.listing wrapper needs to go into Link Block, which is dynamic and links to Collection page)

Is there a way to accomplish this?

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you can’t put an HTML embed in a link block. Instead use custom code to add a link block to your dynamic embed

<a href=""><div>this text is in a div block</div></a>

Ok if thats the last resort I can make it work. Is there a way to make the link there to reference current item? I’d want this link to be dynamic. “Add field” in HTMl embed does not have a reference to the current item =(


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