Is it possible to merge form submissions into one field?

Hello. Currently I have two separate newsletter sign-up forms on two different pages of my client’s website. Weblow automatically parses these submissions into two separate fields. Is there a way to merge these two fields? This way my client isn’t forced to download and upload two separate CSV forms every time they take want to add submissions to their Mailchimp.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]
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Hi @fia,

You can do this by setting the same Form name, if you do that they will both be added to the same submission data field and CSV within Form Settings.

Ex. Both forms have Name ‘Email Form’. You can have different field names but it will display like this: Testing-Support - Forms - W...

Hope this answers your question!

Hello @mww,

Thank you for your help. So far I renamed the Form Name in each form settings, but when I tried that it still separates the fields, but into different sections in the project settings.

Before editing the Form Name:

After editing the Form Name:

I went back and tried to rename the ID names for each and when I try to name them both the same thing, Webflow automatically changes one to be different than the other. I’ve also edited my original post to include the read-only link this time. One form is on the main landing page (in the footer) and the other is on the Events page (midway down, left side, in a green div box). Any idea whats going on now?

Hi @fia,

Could you try changing this field to ‘Field’ to match the text-field name on the Events page?

Let me know how you go!

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Ah, I think that worked. My last two tests from both fields seems to be populating in the same place now!

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