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Is it possible to make entire pages slide, not just images or text in a slider


I’m trying to create a site that has a slide feature on pages, so it gives the site an effect of a gallery, or magazine that you can slide from page to page.

If its possible, can i add right and left controls to be triggered by the right and left arrows on the keyboard?

Any help for the above two features are most appreciated.
Thank you.

What about building your pages within slides?

Doing what you’re talking about for real, meaning browsing from on page’s <body> to another is totally possible in modern web, using things like Jquery and being able to manipulate the DOM. Your local browser would do it.

In Webflow, I guess you could do that with DIVs or directly with a slider.It’s not going to browse pages, but elements.

If Webflow was giving us the possibility to transition pages, playing with the DOM, that would be quite something. For sure some services like Webflow (or Webflow itself) will give us this possibility one day soon, I think.

Thank you.

I tried what you were saying and it works ok, but i have a few issues.
I want each page (since its within the slider ill just call them pages. (The slider takes up 100%)) to be a different height. but if i make the slider body one height say, 500 px and i want page one to be 250px i will have extra blank scrolling at the bottom, and if i want page 2 to be 1000 px it will not scroll all the way down.

Is there a way to insert custom code to make the body transition like the slider without using the slider element? if not in web flow, can i export my html and then add it, and upload it to a different cms? would that make sense? maybe wordpress?

If you can help me out maybe i can hire you to do the work.

Please let me know. Thank you.

Why on earth would you like to have different page/slide heights? Is there any way you could share your design/sketch of this idea? That would be a great thing for us so we could find a most suitable solution :)

I have a few things i need help with
[Public link:][1]

  1. The sliding. here is a [link for an example][2] and as you can see i created a sliding effect on my home page when clicking the arrow on the right but its not a proper solution and has bugs.
  2. How can i Mute the video playing?
  3. The site is responsive but the problem I’m having is with text, when i make the page smaller the text doesn’t re-size and therefore rolls over onto other elements. (Look at the text under the video page 1 when making the page smaller).
  4. on page 7 how can i implement horizontal scrolling with jquery. i have no clue how to use this file from [github][3].

Thank for all and any help.
[1]: http://%20