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Image loading before main image

Hello, I am currently new to web flow but was wondering if the following link could be achieved?
When you click through to a product there is a series of flashing images and then the main product image.

How is this done?

Kind Regards,


It can be done and it’s not so hard to get it. It’s all a matter of hide/show display settings, and making those images cover the viewport. You can give different delays to each image according to your needs.

Hello Jean,

Thank you for this information, would you be able to elaborate further? will it glitch like the example?

Thanks again!

The glitch effect seems to be two different images appearing at different times. To achieve that you will need an app outside Webflow to achieve that kind of visual effect.

What I recommend you to do is learn about this: //

There’s a lot of helpful articles in the webflow university. Here’s a video of me recreating that effect. It’s really ugly, but I made that in 4 minutes so I wouldn’t expect anything much prettier.