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Open on desktop closed on mobile

I’m trying to have a menu (not the main nav) that is open on desktop view but closed on mobile view yet I can’t find interactions related specifically to viewport. I know I could duplicate it and have different actions on them and show and hide them depending on viewport but I was hoping for a more elegant solution.

You’re right, you can’t, and users are going to advice you a duplicate.

And it’s not to say just this that I comment on your question :wink: I’m going to try to defend the duplication of the primary menu as a more than elegant solution : a good practice.

A primary menu is on extremely important piece of a website. It’s for navigation but also carries a visual representation of the site. It’s like a sentence that says “you’ll find all of this here”. It often contains important call to action: Contact Us, etc.

Webflow propose a way to easily hide menus under a hamburger menu, but this doesn’t mean we should all go for it. Why not try, before, to craft a visible menu that works for mobiles? I often cite the Facebook app in reference, which has a menubar on the bottom.

So I think as we have this great visual tool that is webflow, we have everything we nned to craft different menu experiences for devices and desktop. So we shouldn’t consider duplicating a menu and working on the best UX possible for mobile a non-elegant solution. in my opinion, this is the way to go :slight_smile:


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