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Is it possible to directly use the data entered through the form?

I would like to use the data somebody enters via the form to directly respond to it.
For instance a drop down with different possibilities where the content of the lower part of the website changes according to the selected possibility. Is this somehow possible?

Hi it is possible with a little jquery…, A simple example can work where each time a user clicks or otherwise leaves from a field, the javascript blur method can be used to capture the data in the field at the time the user clicked away from the field… this is a lot of times used in field validation. If that is what you mean…

The focus method in jquery triggers actions when someone clicks into field or otherwise enters into the field, and the blur method is for when the user clicks out.

You can load different content based on the field content you are reading from the dropdown or other field.

A good resource is of course and check the blur and focus methods for triggering things when you enter and exit from a form field.

Hope that helps!

Hey Dave!
Thanks for your fast answer! I will look into it :slight_smile:

I now created an interactive map with CSS,HTML and jquery in Dreamweaver.
Everything is in one big divtag. How can I now import the pictures/html,/css/jquery code to webflow?
Any ideas?

Hi @creatspot, Webflow does not have a direct import feature for CSS or HTML, so you have to recreate those divs in your original project into a Webflow site. Once you have done that, it is possible for you to link to your existing CSS files if you have those hosted on an external server or cloud storage like Rackspace, Amazon S3 or even some users use Dropbox with a public link to the files.

You can link your custom CSS in the HEAD panel in the Custom Code section of site settings using standard link tags for css:

<link href="/path/to/your/css/file.css media="screen" rel="stylesheet" />

and then link your custom javascript .js file(s) in the Before Body panel of the Custom Code section of site settings:

<script src="path/to/your/js/file.js"></script>

Images you can add via the Webflow designer, to match your original layout, but you have to manually add those images and set your layouts like in the original non-webflow design.

In general, you need to make sure that your css style names match those in your external CSS. Sometimes it take a bit of trial and error until you get the layout you are trying to achieve. If you can share your external url to the original site, I could maybe take a look at your actual setup to give you more exact info.