Can I display input values from a form in my site?

Hi everyone,

I’m a designer not a developer and Webflow gives me super-powers! :slight_smile:
Here’s the thing. I want to use some of the input that the user puts into my field and present it in my design.
For the sake of the example, have a form saying “Enter name:” and than have a title “Hello, Dave” (if dave is the user).
Can this be done in Webflow without using the CMS platform or coding?

Thanks, Asaf

Hi @LupoAsaf, thanks for the post. To use a value input into a form field, to set the value of some other element on your site (lets say another text element), you would need to use a little jQuery or javascript to do that.

It is not possible to do this without using a little code. If you have an example site with the form and the element you wish to target when you input a field, we can take a look to see what code is needed.

Usually, to just use the value from an input field and set the value of another element is not terribly complicated.

Thank you @cyberdave. I’ll try to get my colleagues to give me a hand with Javascript.

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