Is it possible to create unique websites for clients with native Webflow?

Hi, I wanted to use CMS and password-protect individual CMS items, but that’s not possible at the moment. I tried using membership instead, but then I realized that users cannot have their own unique sites. I know Memberstack is a possible solution, but it requires another monthly subscription and I already have too many, and it’s stacking up. Are there any other ways or any updates on when password protection for CMS items or unique user sites with membership will be possible?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Webflow does not have a multisite feature. You are free to purchase a hosting plan for each but there is no way to manage them all as you can with WordPress multisite and have a domain pointing to each one separately.

That should be something Webflow is working on, right? Something simple like password protecting individual CMS items instead of the whole collection has been a request from many people for years.

Whether they should is moot. They don’t telegraph what they might do in the future, so If you need a feature that does not exist, you must find a workaround or use a product that meets your needs today.