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Is it possible to copy one portion of a project to another project?


is it possible to copy one portion of a project (example: tab, or slider or some other design element) to another project (website) in the same account ?
I can do it from a page to a page in the same project but not from a project to another in my dashboard and this is so frustrating and limits creativity for me…

And do not think bad, for me :heart_eyes: webflow :heart_eyes: is the best program in the world for design websites.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Currently this is a Wishlist item. I will reference this topic:

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I thought so :smiley: but I was not sure… this could be a great so important improvement also in the ability to copy single interaction or effects… thank you for the fast answer VladimirVitaliyevich !!!

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