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Is it possible to change the layout of the navbar on larger screens?

Hey there folks :slight_smile:
I was wondering if its possible to get rid of the navbar container? I would like to align the logo far left in the viewport and the links far right on larger screensizes if possible?
thanks in advance

Yes. Here is an example of a full width navbar built using flex with no container. Positioning of children is all handled with flex child settings.

hey there @webdev thanks a mil :slight_smile: I gave it a whirl and it worked. I want to do a sticky nav, which is why I have set it to fixed and I want the nav to go a solid white and the links change to a darker colour upon scroll. I have had a look through the community and on youtube and despite my best efforts I cannot seem to get any of it to work. Might you have a suggestion on how to do this? here’s my link

On the previous share link I changed the menu to sticky and added an interaction to change the BG of the nav to white on scroll. I’m off to clean up leaves on eight acres.

Oh my goodness 8 acres of leaves?? a lot of work!!! hope it all goes well and that there isn’t any wind messing up the leave piles :slight_smile: thanks a mil for you help :slight_smile: when you get a good rest after your leave-pick-up and when you are good and ready could you please reshare the link? I can’t see your magic :slight_smile:

Actually there is 21 acres of them. I only deal with the grass around the house. LOL

Something is weird with publishing. Maybe its because I am on a tractor with a iPad. On the share link the preview is not working. The code is there. Even tested re-sharing. Hmm.

The published site code is working as designed.

Here is a new read-only Webflow share link.

@webdev no worries just keep your eyes on the acres and get the leaves in the bag :smiley:…don’t want you hurting yourself!! I have a hard time mastering webflow just sitting in my chair much less a tractor hehe :slight_smile: but thank you so much for all your help - tried getting the navbar to behave for a whole entire day before I read your comment!!! :slight_smile:

found this youtube video which is looking promising :wink: