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Navbar in Flexbox

Hi guyss,

how do I extend the navbar to the full width of its wrapper? (parent)

I used the flexbox property but I can’t control the last button (A LINK TEXT) alignment with the “Search” button

The flexbox property, I gave it to the “navbar”, “container” and “nav” classes

It must be all aligned as in the screenshot example below:

where am I wrong?

Link project:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Delete the container from the navbar and set the nav div to block.
And you need to delete the margins of the logo and the nav links.


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Hi @Gianluca_Dorio,

Made a video to help get your nav aligned (video is 5mins!)
You can also drag the children of the default container under the Nav element then delete the default container and do the flex settings as per the video.

See how you go.


Awesome @knk Good video :slight_smile:


Hi Keiran, sorry if I answer only now … but I was painting my house. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I am speechless, the video was very useful !!!

Thank you, and I thank you all for your availability. It’s the first time I find people like you. :grin:


Hi Nilson,

thanks for the precious info, I succeeded !!!


Hi Gianluca,

You’re welcome. Glad you got it sorted.

All the best with painting your house. I am also currently painting a house!! (Although the outside)


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