Creating Bigger Nav Bar Width


I am trying to get the nav menu to not have so much space on the left or right on desktop or bigger screens. I thought I could achieve this by setting the parent element’s (Navbar4) min width to 100% but that doesn’t seem to achieve what I would like. I am a bit new to webflow and I’ve played around a little but everything i do seems to mess up the drop down menu/mobile menu in a way I am unable to fix. Is anyone able to take a peak and offer a suggestion? Thanks very much! :relaxed:


hi @jilldianek

  1. Navbar 4 set padding on both sides to your need eg 100px
  2. Container2 width:100%


Amazing, thank you so much for taking a look I really appreciate it! I think I was trying to set the nav-wrapper. Thanks again!

hi @jilldianek glad that helped. If you do not have further questions related to your open request feel free to close it as solved.