Can I put an ID to some text in my blog article?

I am writing a blog, and want to be able to link externally to particular sub heading within this blog. How can I add an ID to content within the post body (RTF) ?

There are a few ways, depending on what you want.

Drop an HTML embed in your rich text content, just before your heading, and place something like
<span id="my-link"></span>
Then your link is to the page, affixed with #my-link.

If you want to be able to link to any heading, you can use a ToC package that auto-creates links from headings. Finsweet’s ToC supports this.

Here’s an example using that solution;

Or, you might use Refokus Rich Text Enhancer, which allows constructions like;
[#my-link]This is my heading link here[#my-link] and adds your link to the text.

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Thanks for the response! I didn’t realise you could put HTML into the rich text as that would be an easy solution - however I just tried it, and it just displays as the string. Do I need to do something so it recognises it as code?

Just to be clear I am talking about a CMS blog entry rich text

Make sure you put in actual HTML if that’s what you want, like <span id="my-link"></span>

Cheers, I wasn’t using the insert code thingy, just putting it in. Thanks for the solution