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Is it possible to add more than 25 images to a multi-image cms field


I am working for a client where I am creating a portfolio for several people who they work with.

Thing is they have 100+ Images meaning, using a multi-image field (and there would need to be several of these to match the number of images), is very restricting as they like to freely move images around.

Is there anyway or some custom code where my client can freely move the images around and upload more than 25 images into a cms filed?

Any help would be massively appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Nope. 25 is the limit today.

Ah damn! Don’t suppose there is (that you know of) any plugins or custom code out there that can achieve this?

Here’s a trick: Use a rich text field instead. You can put in as many images as you want.

They won’t be responsive since Webflow’s responsive image generation does not function on assets loaded into rich text so you can quickly overload the page.

I have resorted to using Cloudinary or imgix with custom code embeds as an alternative.