Is it able to choose which domain to publish to in Editor mode?

In Editor mode (for clients), is it able to choose which domain to publish to?
ie. / custom domain

Coz in Designer, we can choose to publish to for the client to preview changes.

Hi @anthonychan2509, thanks for the good question.

At the moment the Editor does not have the ability to choose to which domain the publish should be targeted.

The Editor can do a full publish which will publish all currrently published domains, including domain (if it is published already) and the custom domain.

The Editor can also do a single item publish for cms items which will only publish a single cms item instead of publishing the whole site with in progress design changes made in the designer.

The ability for the editor to publish to selective domains is on the wishlist, I would love to have your vote and comments at Site staging or selective editor publishing | Webflow Wishlist

Here is an article that describes the Single Item publishing feature in the Editor: Publish individual CMS items | Webflow Features

I hope this helps!


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oh ! too bad… hope this can improve soon…

I thought Webflow Editor has this function as we use Designer all the time, and use it as a selling point for our client to adopt Webflow. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi @anthonychan2509, I totally understand and thanks for that note. I can help to share your good feedback with our team, because is indeed important and impactful. I know having that ability would really help.

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