How to edit Pop-up in editor?

Hey there, how can I change content on my pop ups in the editor mode? When I am in the editor mode the animation for the pop up is not triggered when I click on the button.


I mean the pop ups in the section “Das sagen unsere Kunden über die Zusammenarbeit”:

This is the link to trigger the Pop-Up “Weiterlesen”:

My preferred way to solve this is to set up an “inner” and “outer” modal component. Inner contains the modal UX and content. Outer contains Inner + the wrapper + the backdrop. Your modal interactions target outer.

The content of Inner is always visible, and generally only has the close-button interaction. The initial-visible state is only applied to elements in Outer.

This allows Inner to be shown by itself, unhidden, on a style guide or admin page and easily-edited in the editor. You just need to give clients the right URL for those pieces.