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How can I change a video link in Editor

Hi. I know this has been asked a couple of times on this forum, but has anybody got a solution? Or a solution that they can talk about? Or offer some very helpful hints/clues regarding custom code :wink: :wink: How does the client change a video link from the Editor?

Ideally the client would like to update the videos seen on this page The page is using Webflow’s Lightbox module.


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All good, have found what I wanted here

Not quite as good as the Light Box approach, but certainly the client can make the changes they need.

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Actually, there’s a way easier way to get around the bug where editors can’t change the video link when you place a video component on a page. You don’t have to do the lightbox thing or create a CMS collection.

  1. Place an RTE component on the page and delete all the default content inside it.
  2. Click inside the rte and click the video icon from the menu that appears.

  1. Enter a youtube URL, adjust the layout as desired.

This places the video on your page. To edit as a content author would, switch to Editor mode and then simply click on the video. Click on the wrench icon to change the URL and/or adjust the layout as desired.



NOTE: Weird bug here – If the video is the only thing inside the RTE, DO NOT CLICK ON THE PENCIL ICON to edit, just click directly on the video itself. It’s tricky to figure out how to edit content once you click on the pencil in this scenario. You have to use your arrow key to go over to the left or up to be able to edit content.